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Whether you’re a spiritual seeker interested in exploring one of the world’s most well-preserved wisdom traditions, a new convert to Islam or a lifelong Muslim looking to strengthen your practice, Being Muslim offers a religiously authentic, culturally relevant and welcoming environment to connect with The Divine in a community of fellow wayfarers on a path to wholeness.

Being Muslim will empower you to live Islam confidently, certain that your understanding and practice are based on a firm foundation of authentic knowledge. This learning series covers the necessary essentials of Islamic Belief, Worship, and Spirituality. You'll also unlock an overview of The Qur'an, the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) and Islam's healing message of self-refinement, spiritual wellness, and social justice.

The spirit and culture of the learning space are rooted in authenticity, service, and love. You're invited to come as you are to Islam as it is, knowing that it's safe to be real. We set out on the journey together and help each other along, without performing for or judging one another.

You’re welcome to drop in at your convenience, but we recommend regularly attending the entire learning series. 





Brother Ali is a respected Hip Hop Artist, Community Organizer and Spiritual Leader from the Twin Cities. His intimate songwriting, outspoken social justice message and focus on spiritual healing have carried him around the world performing, studying and teaching alongside great cultural and religious figures of our time. Brother Ali teaches Being Muslim with the blessing of its' author, Dr. Asad Tarsin. 




Being Muslim is a modern, practical manual providing the most essential tools for understanding and living Islam with beauty and purpose. This offering by Dr. Asad Tarsin and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf provides clear and relevant language for readers to absorb and implement in daily life. Click here to have a copy delivered directly to your device or doorstep. 


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